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204 N. Fifth Street suite J
Mebane, NC, 27302




The Cardinal is the new premier tattoo studio in North Carolina.  Established by Keron McHugh in 2017 to create art and influence in the small town that he is from, The Cardinal is an ambitious project in downtown Mebane.

With just two artists right now, focusing on quality and modern realism, The Cardinal is already in high demand.  Although they are recently established, The Cardinal is already being recognized by industry magazines, podcasts, and by the art community.

"We know that we will continue to grow because we love what we do and beleive in our community."

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keron mchugh

Keron McHugh is a renowned artist and entrepreneur, as well as the founder of The Cardinal. Keron has years of experience in the tattoo industry and has received immediate notoriety for his work. Keron’s work has been featured in publications and magazines, as well as being featured in several documentaries and podcasts.


Jerrod Grimm "Gunner"

Satan is Gunner's spirit animal.  Gunner has been tattooing his entire adult life, since age 18 and the commitment shows in the art. Also featured in publications, Gunner models his art and career against great artists from around the world, always learning new skills. 



How do I get to the studio?

See location map above, we are located conveniently right of highway 70 in downtown Mebane, easily accessible from interstate 40/85 as well.


How old do I need to be to get a tattoo?

Only adults 18 and over, no exceptions, even with parental consent.

Are walk-ins welcome?

Heck yes, come hang out with us anytime and play games on the big screen.  If you just pop in you might have to wait a while to be seen, the best way is to call and make an appointment. 919-568-9759


What do you recommend for tattoo aftercare?

The Cardinal is a professional studio that always uses sterile instruments and pigments.

1. Remove bandage after a minimum of six hours. If bandage sticks to the tattoo, wet the area with lukewarm water and slide the bandage off.
2. Wash the area gently with mild soap and water, using clean hands and making sure to remove all excess ointment, blood and ink. Pat dry with a clean towel. DO NOT SCRUB.
3. Apply a VERY THIN LAYER of H2Ocean or Recovery 2-3 times a day for 7 days.
4. After that apply fragrance-free hand lotion until the tattoo settle into the skin (approx. 3 weeks).
5. NO SUN, NO SWIMMING or SOAKING for 2 weeks.


Do I have to leave a deposit to schedule a tattoo?

Yes. The deposit is roughly a third of the estimate of your tattoo.

Can I choose which artist does my tattoo?

Only if you make an appointment, walk-ins will get the next available artist


How much do tattoos cost?

There is no set price for a tattoo as each one is a unique piece of art.  They vary by size, location and complexity, the best way to find out is to come in for a free estimate.

Is there a shop minimum?

Yes, the minimum is 60$ per visit.